Oh wow cause I really have to be 18+ to see a picture of my shoes

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what is a good store to buy black skinny jeans??
- Anonymous

Mmh i think zara has some nice jeans, but i need to find good black skinny jeans too because i only have one from primark and i cut holes in the knees and my other one is from bershka but they are more grey :/ so idk apparently cheap monday has good jeans, I’ve never tried them (sorry i wasn’t very useful)


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You're an angel, but I still have to loose weight
- Anonymous

Love ya x



For years my dad would travel the world on tour and he would take fantastic photos. I always loved looking at all the photos that he took when he got back home. Just sitting with him and looking at all the stuff he has seen and experienced. Today I have been looking through all the photos again and I came across this photo. This photo was taken at Kew Gardens in London by my dad and I think is one of my favorite photos he has taken.